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Rak$ha || Nafasi || || Priroda
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In case people don't know, I'm currently on week 3 at Uni studying Companion(Birds, Dogs, Cats, Zoo Animals, etc) Animal Services Cert III.

I love this course, I can bring my dog to class and get along great with all my class mates.
I'm more than happy to spend hours studying a birds digestive system or a dogs skeleton/bone names lol although today I seen/learnt something that'll probably scar me for life.

We had a session on euthanasia. This is a very touchy topic. Some people believe that their animals should die naturally and others believe they should be relieved of their suffering and put to sleep when necessary - I support both options.
Anyway, I don't know what the teacher was thinking but she showed a video of an animal testing lab and how one of the workers abused and tortured a poor cat.
I and another girl were crying our eyes out while the rest of the class were tearing up.
I will not get into detail about what I seen in the video.. all that I can tell you is that now it's going to be with me for the rest of my life and those images will never leave my head.(btw the people in the video did get a long jail time)
Cats are everything to me. They're cute, helpless, very special creatures. They mean more to me than anything. So do other animals although cats are just... I'm just a crazy cat lady lol
The cat in the video would've had to have been put to sleep if it did not die after what the person did to it.

It just made me think...
Humans are disgusting, fucked up things.
A study has recently proven that all animals feel pain and emotion(apparently bugs don't but they're re-researching them to make sure their findings were correct).
Why is an animals life different to ours? They breathe, run, feel pain, smile, eat, get annoyed, get upset, drink, sleep... Sounds exactly like we do, doesn't it? 
Then why do humans feel no emotion when sending cattle overseas(I'm in Australia and we give away Live Export to other countries) to be tortured and have their necks half slashed so they feel the pain, aren't killed, just so they can bleed to death? What do people get out of that?

I also learnt today that EVERY thing we eat that comes from animals harmed them in some way.
Milk is a harmless animal product, right? Not really.
Cows are pregnant 24/7. When they give birth, the calf is taken away from them at 5 days old and the cows are impregnated again. Cows are similar to us when it comes to caring and loving their young so imagine having a baby for 5 days then get it taken away from you then getting raped again to carry another baby around for a year and have that happening all over again.

Now I kinda feel like a bad person for not being a vegan.
Although eating meat and animal related foods is a normal thing humans do so I should not feel bad about it, and I don't - the thing I feel bad about is BUYING these products which SUPPORTS the way farmers & workers treat the animals we get these foods from.
I've always gotten Free Range eggs, thinking that they were the best option since it supports a chickens freedom and happiness, but I was kinda wrong about that too - MOST(not all but most) free range chicken farms are still only made up of a small, crowded barn where the chickens can go outside when they want to, but they only have maybe a meter between the barn and the fence. How is that 'free range'?
The best possible way to get your eggs is probably to get chickens yourself or buy eggs from self employed farmers/owners who actually do have free range chickens.

Also, did you know that when a pig gives birth, they force it to lie down then put a metal coverage over it so it's unable to stand up. It stays like that for weeks until the baby pigs don't need her anymore. When the baby pigs are taken away, they let the mother stand up, impregnate her again and it happens all over again until she's too old and they kill her for meat.

Sounds horrible, doesn't it?
Just wait until you see a video of it happening. Even if animals aren't very important to you, it'll still break your heart. 

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TurnToTheWolf 16 hours ago  Hobbyist General Artist
Thank you for the +fav ^^
Akuma-Shinobi Apr 6, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Cool artwork! :happybounce:
BrightHeart-LastMoon Mar 17, 2014  New member Hobbyist Artist
You're awesome RakshaWw!
JeffTheKillerLover12 Mar 17, 2014  Hobbyist Interface Designer
dat webcam :iconrainbowheartplz:
EyesInTheDark666 Feb 4, 2014  Student Digital Artist
Thanks for the watch! ^.^ :glomp:
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